Light Kenilworth Blue for Autism Awareness Month

The Louis DeMondo Civic Association is encouraging Kenilworth residents to switch their front porch lights for blue lights this April to observe Autism Awareness Month.

This week, the nonprofit’s volunteers will be going door-to-door to distribute free blue light bulbs to Kenilworth residents to raise awareness for this condition. Any resident who would like a free blue light bulb can request one by contacting the organization by emailing or messaging @LouisDemondoCivic on Facebook.  

“Nearly 1 in 54 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder,” Louis DeMondo, President of the Louis DeMondo Civic Association. “These disorders affect people right here in Kenilworth, so I’m glad that the association can help spread awareness here during Autism Awareness Month.”

The nonprofit is also sponsoring a Facebook hashtag contest for Autism Awareness Month. Any resident who shares a selfie of themselves and their blue porch light during April using the hashtag #LightKenilworthBlueForAutism and tags @LouisDemondoCivic will receive a free “Light Kenilworth Blue for Autism” t-shirt while supplies last. 

While there is no cure for autism, individuals with autism who receive treatment early in their lives often can lead improved lives. Individuals with autism often require specialized and community support services to ensure their health and safety and to support families’ resilience as they manage the burdens autism presents.

“I’m grateful for the residents who have already started to light Kenilworth blue to raise awareness of how autism affects our community,” DeMondo said. “I look forward to seeing more residents contact us for free blue light bulbs and sharing their photos on Facebook to raise even more awareness for this important cause.”

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